What Is Newbook

Newbook is a Property Management System (PMS) designed to radically simplify and streamline the Accommodation Industry. Newbook showcases powerful controls through simple interfaces for property managers to take guest details, place bookings, allocate rooms and rates, coordinate maintenance and housekeeping, and much more.

Over time, new development has been added into our system and we have grown to have the functionality of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite, in addition to a PMS. This extra functionality is built directly into our product and is available as an optional add-on.

For the most part, our clients are mainly PMS clients. For the sake of clear documentation, we refer to them as Instances - clients of Newbook, regardless of which of our product offerings they use.

For PMS clients, we refer to all Rooms (Hotel rooms, Holiday Park cabins, permanent accommodation etc.) as Sites.

More information can be found on our main website, https://www.newbook.cloud.